Every problem has a solution

Every problem in the world has a solution. (At least, that’s what I’m teaching my kids.) And every solution comes with a condition – It requires us to change. When we resist change, we become the bottleneck or hindrance to that solution. That’s when problems escalate or keep repeating. Sometimes they tend to take a life of their own and spiral into other areas of our lives creating more problems.

When a flower does not grow, you don’t blame the flower.

I came across a statement today that forced me to stop and think. When a flower does not grow, you don’t blame the flower. There are external factors that come in play over which the flower has no control. But the gardener does. It’s his job that he does as my right things as he can to give that flower an opportunity to grow, maybe even an unfair advantage to

Two Observations about Failure

I want to state two simple observations about failure! Observation # 1 – The opposite of success is not failure. It is quitting. A boxer does not lose a fight because his opponent knocks him down. A boxer loses the fight because he does not get up anymore. Legend says, it took Einstein over a 1,000 attempts before he discovered electricity. Had he quit after 999 attempts, we might not

4 Lessons to Remember Forever

One of my heroes is legendary basketball coach John Wooden. Below, I’m sharing just four of countless lessons Coach Wooden has taught me through his books. Foundation of success lies in industriousness with enthusiasm coupled with skill. Never be afraid to make mistakes. If you are not making mistakes, you are not doing anything. Young people need models, not critics. The purpose of criticism should be to correct, improve or

Three Reasons I Fail

Every single time I have failed in life, it is only because of one of the following three reasons: I did not respect the process. I did not respect the results. I did not respect myself. Let me elaborate on each of the points further for better understanding. I did not respect the process Achievement takes work. It’s a process. Often times the shortcuts are going through the entire process