The most difficult things in life

  It is to give 100% to everything we do. It is to be mindful and present at each moment, regardless of place or time, and not let our minds wander. It is to have integrity and honesty with self, not just others. It is to start, persist and finish. It is to apologize sincerely. It is to give unconditionally without any expectations in return. It is to forgive those

The Bridge between Knowing & Doing

  The bridge exists, but in parts. But you already know that. Having the courage to act is a part of it. The ability to persist through obstacles and challenges is a part of it. Developing discipline to stay on course makes up part of the bridge. Admitting you don’t know it all and seeking outside knowledge, guidance and mentorship is a part of it. The biggest part though, is

The Gap between Knowing & Doing

  We just finished three quarters of the year. As we step into the fourth quarter, I believe it’s time for assessment of our New Year’s Resolution we made back in January. If surveys are to be believed, most common resolutions are losing weight and making money. Not just that, but the same people pursue the same exact goals year after year. Why is that? Don’t we all know how

How to Stand Out

  A long time ago, I read a quote that has stuck with me. To be in the classes, look at the masses and do the exact opposite. To get something different, we have to do things that are different than what other people are doing. If everyone gets a job after college, start a business. If everyone is busy aggregating social media followers, go offline and serve people there.

How to go far!

You can have the talent, you can have the resources, you can have the support system, but if you don’t have the drive, a deep burning desire to become the absolute best in your field, #1 in whatever it is that you’re trying to do, be it arts, sports, business, anything at all, you won’t go very far. In order to go far, you need to have a deep burning