Mayur’s Investment Criteria

Investing in stock marketing is about three things: Education, Discipline & Patience! Anyone can invest in the stock market. That does not mean, everybody should. Below is my investment criteria: Net Profit Margin > 15%. Revenues over the past 10 years are growing consistently. Not stagnant, but growing. Earnings per share (EPS) should be positive and growing consistently over the past 10 years. Debt to Equity levels should be low

If you’re doing what you did, you’re gonna get what you got

  The title of this post is the definition of insanity. I know, Albert Einstein says it differently. But, this is how I say it. If you’re doing what you did, you’re gonna get what you got. If what you got is great, and makes you happy, continue doing what you did. If not, you gotta change what you did, so you don’t get what you got. Do you understand?

Investing Strategy: Buy low, sell high

  How do you make money in the stock market? Oh, easy! Buy low, sell high. Then how come so many people lose money in the stock market? Again, easy! They buy high, sell low. Hmm, interesting. So, how does one know they’re buying low, and selling high? You ought to be able to answer two questions confidently, and back up your answers with hard evidence: Can you figure out

Choosing Quality over Quantity

  Do we focus on quality, or do we focus on quantity? It’s a conundrum for marketer, exercise enthusiasts and many others. If you’re doing push-ups, quality definitely trumps quantity. Doing 10 push-ups with good form will benefit you far more than doing 20 push-ups with bad form. Once you master the push-up and pump out quality push-ups without having to think about them at each rep, go for quantity.

Who we associate with matters

  One of our core, basic human needs is having a sense of belonging. We want to belong to a group, a community. By its very nature, a group is defined as a collection of similar things, ideas or people. So, when we want to belong to a certain group, we tend to act like everyone else in that particular group. We’ve all heard the expression, “Monkey see, monkey do.”