The Power of Ruthless Elimination

  Bruce Lee imparted several pieces of wisdom in his short life. One of them being, “Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.” This essay is about the second part – Discard what is not. Too often, we fill life with unimportant things, things that we don’t enjoy, that don’t makes us happy and things that don’t contribute to the betterment of our

Poetry # 6: Beggar on the Street

To the beggar on the street, I paid no heed. Walked my merry way, thinking of my day. Her smile I missed, her request I dismissed. Day was busy, end came hasty. To the beggar on the street, I paid slight heed. I asked for a reason, it was simply life’s season. Money was not her need, work is what she wanted. Respect was earned, work was offered. The beggar

Poetry # 5: Juncture

The burden of past carried onto the future Makes future, a misadventure Shed the burden, shed the past Create new hope, a beacon of light This is thy moment, this is thy juncture The one you ought to capture and nurture Craft it, build it, hone it Make your future, an exciting adventure

If you’re doing what you did, you’re gonna get what you got

  The title of this post is the definition of insanity. I know, Albert Einstein says it differently. But, this is how I say it. If you’re doing what you did, you’re gonna get what you got. If what you got is great, and makes you happy, continue doing what you did. If not, you gotta change what you did, so you don’t get what you got. Do you understand?

Choosing Quality over Quantity

  Do we focus on quality, or do we focus on quantity? It’s a conundrum for marketer, exercise enthusiasts and many others. If you’re doing push-ups, quality definitely trumps quantity. Doing 10 push-ups with good form will benefit you far more than doing 20 push-ups with bad form. Once you master the push-up and pump out quality push-ups without having to think about them at each rep, go for quantity.