Consider hosting a Poetry Performance for your employees!

Why should you consider?

It’s an excellent way to let them know that you love them, and you care about them, not just as employees, but as colleagues, friends, and fellow human beings.

Additionally, you earn brownie points for actively making efforts to boost mental wellness within your organization.

What will I do?

Host me, and I will perform my poems for an hour, for your employees.

My poems cover a vast spectrum of emotions, and are all presented in plain, accessible language making my poetry easy to understand.

It’ll be a memorable afternoon which people will talk about for a very long time.

How to host the Poetry Performance?

We can accomplish all this via Zoom, which makes the entire process a piece of cake. I will do the grunt work of setting up the Zoom link. All you do is share the Zoom link with your employees. It’s that simple.

The cost to host a performance is $500. And, the dividends you’ll reap from this for championing your employees’ mental well-being will go a long way.

As Gandhi said, “Be the Change, you wish to see in this world.”

I say, “Don’t just say you care, show it.”

Email me at to schedule a Poetry Performance. Add “Poetry Performance” in Subject Line, so your email doesn’t accidentally get lost in the sea of other emails.

Lastly … I can’t wait to perform for your organization. Let’s connect.