Poetry You Can Understand was the #1 New Release in Contemporary Poetry

Special Download – Three More Poems

I excluded them from the book … so you could download them here!

Poetry You Can Understand

In “Poetry You Can Understand,” experience a collection that spans the spectrum of human emotions—love, legacy, dreams, children, inspiration, stories, and humor—all presented in plain, accessible language.

This anthology breaks free from the confines of abstract expression, aiming to make poetry an open door for everyone. No longer reserved for the literary elite, these verses are crafted to be relatable, resonant, and genuinely enjoyable for readers of all backgrounds. As you navigate through the pages, be prepared to laugh, ponder, and occasionally wipe away a tear or two.

This isn’t just a poetry book; it’s an invitation to a shared experience, an exploration of the human condition through verses that speak to the heart.

With each poem, Mayur dismantles the notion that poetry is complex or out of reach, creating an easy-to-digest collection that promises not only understanding but also a renewed appreciation for the art form. So, dive in, embrace the simplicity of expression, and rediscover the joy of poetry for the masses.

Available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover versions!