Understanding why people quit and how you can succeed

Want to build a massive Instagram following?

You got to do the work. You have to post regularly. You have to follow others so you can be social with them. Like their pictures. Comment on other people’s content. That’s how you build a massive Instagram following.

One like, one comment, one follower at a time. That takes Work.

Want to make a lot of sales?

Make a lot of calls. Make a lot of appointments. Keep a lot of appointments. Improve your presentations. Follow up after each appointment. Never forget to make another appointment at the end of current appointment. Follow up again. Answer objections. Go out of your way and help. Care. That’s how you make a lot of sales.

One prospect, one presentation, one follow-up at a time. That takes work.

Want to earn a degree?

You got to do the work. Enroll for classes. Attend classes. Do your homework. Do well in exams. Make sure you understand and fulfill all requirements for graduation. That’s how you earn a degree.

One class, one homework, one exam at a time. That takes work.

Do you know how you build a wall?

You lay … one … brick … at a time.

Most people cannot build a wall. Do you know why?

They get excited about building a wall. They lay their first brick.

They stand back and admire it.

Then they ask, does it look like a wall?

The answer is no.

They feel a little dejected.

They lay a second brick.

They stand back and ask again, “Does this look like a wall?”

The answer is no.

They lay third brick.

They stand back and ask themselves, “Does this look like a wall?”

The answer is still no.

But, by then they get so dejected the motivation and excitement they had before laying the first brick is vanished.

And they quit. The wall never materializes.

Can you imagine?

Taking one college class and asking the administrators … can I get a degree now?

Making one phone call … and expecting a sale?

Posting one post … and expecting a massive following?

Laying one brick … and expecting a wall?

If you said, “That’s absurd”, I’d agree.

Understand This

Everything little thing you do towards your goal (whatever that might me) is you laying a brick down to build your wall.

Laying a few bricks down and expecting a wall does not work.

You need to give it time.

Here’s the ultimate secret

Put in the effort without continually checking the results.


Because success requires effort. It requires persistence. It requires a right frame of mind. When we continually check for results after a tiny bit of effort, we exhaust ourselves and give up too quickly, too easily.

You might not see any results after one day of work.

You may not even see any results after one week of work.

However, if you continued it for one quarter … you will see the results. I guarantee it.

The trick is … not checking for results for the entire quarter but putting in the work and having faith, that results will materialize.

The hard part

The “having faith” part is not easy for many people. Which is why they quit so easily.

One last thing

The opposite of success is not failure. The opposite of success is quitting.

So what if you fail? Try again.

As long as you don’t quit, as long as you’re persistent, as long as you continually to seek improving yourself, you have a fighting chance. But, when you quit, you give up any and all chances for success.

Don’t quit. Be a fighter.


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