Three Choices: Play Offense, Defense, or Sit on Bench?

At any given moment in time, we’re doing one of three things – Playing offense, playing defense, or sitting on the bench.

Most people spend majority of their life either sitting on the bench or playing defense. Sitting on the bench is the easiest of three. It’s wasting time.

Playing defense is slightly difficult. Playing defense is also known as playing catch-up. It’s usually reacting to life situations that have already taken place. It’s cleaning up messes, doing the same things over and over again without really moving forward. It’s Hamster life. This does not lead to success. Rarely, when it does, success comes at snail pace.

Playing offense is creating new situations. It’s not very easy. It needs initiative. It requires courage. There are lot of unknown factors. There is no guarantee of success because someone else or some other life force may be playing defense against us. And if they succeed, the result would be failure. So what? At times when we do succeed, we raise ourselves to a whole new paradigm. New life situations happens, and new reality is created for us by us.

Sometimes we may have no choice but to play offense. But, when we do have a choice, the best strategy is in playing offense. It is time well spent, IMHO.


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