Thoughts On Progress

When it comes to progress, direction matters more than speed.

As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will continue making progress. It may not be at the speed you desire, but you will make progress nonetheless.

This is tricky, because by default we tend to focus on speed rather than direction. It’s human nature. The focus on direction requires conscious effort.

Rest assured, at some point in time, you will reach a tipping point. From there on, the progress will accelerate at the speed you desire, maybe faster.

The only problem is, I do not know when this tipping point arrives. Therefore, I am unable to tell you. It’s different for each individual and for each situation. Without this knowledge, persisting can sometimes be a challenge. I know this because I have tried and quit things before I could get any meaningful results. Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back, I now think that had I persisted a little longer, I would have achieved success in those endeavors. Lesson learned.

So, how does one know that they are moving in the right direction?

A clear, vivid description of our goal, what success actually looks like, how will it affect life in the short and long-term, is required. Once you have this written down clearly, the knowing becomes easy. All you have to then ask is, “Whatever it is that I am doing right now, is it taking me closer or away from my goal?”

Lastly, a daily conscious effort to move in the right direction is required. There are many keys to success. But, there is one true master key to success. That is self-discipline. Without it, the working of other keys is not guaranteed.


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