The Power of Pivot

Everyone wants results, in all things. But, it’s not so easy to get results. There are obstacles that come in our way. We work (sometimes incessantly) to find a way overcome these obstacles. But, what if we can’t find a way to overcome these obstacles?

The answer lies in one word – Pivot.

Pivoting does not mean changing your goal. But rather, finding a different way of reaching your goal.

You’re walking down the street and come across a dead end, Pivot. Turn around and go a different direction.

You’re building your business, but keep getting stuck and can’t seem to move forward at all? Pivot.

Grinding forever and getting nowhere can only lead to frustration.

Einstein has said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”

When things don’t work, after trying our level best, we need to Pivot. Try something different. That’s not giving up. It’s just exploring a different direction to get to success.

The Power of Pivot can bring incredible results.

The YouTube Pivot

Did you know … YouTube became the giant monster it is today because of pivoting? When it first started out, the intention was to become a video-based dating site. The users were to upload short videos describing their ideal partner, and browse for potential matches. Heck, it even had a slogan – Tune in, hook up.

It didn’t become the powerhouse it is today, until the founders pivoted from that original idea, and opened up the platform for kind of content you see today.

Pivoting does not mean, going 180 degrees, a whole different direction. Sometimes, a slight change in strategy or execution, or customer acquisition methodology can bring in the thundering results you envisioned.

Long lasting companies learn how to pivot according to market changes. In other words, if you refuse to pivot, be prepared to die. Let me offer you two examples that are both a century old. One pivoted with every market change and is thriving. The other refused to, and is dying a fast death. First company is IBM. Second … Sears. Matter of fact, read this article from TechSpective – Sears vs. IBM: The Importance of Learning to Pivot (

Pivoting outside of Business

Understanding when to pivot and how to pivot is an important life learning skill too. There are millions of people trying to lose weight year and year with no real results. At the same time, there are millions of people who successfully lose weight and keep it off. The difference? These people pivoted. The did something different, and therefore they got different results.

Parents use the power of pivot with kids all the time.

Pivoting is not always easy. But it is worthwhile in many cases. If it doesn’t work, pivot. If it doesn’t work again, pivot again.

That’s about all I have to share in regards to pivoting at the moment. Hope you enjoyed reading it. My objective as always is to flush out my thoughts in writing and maybe help you think from a different viewpoint.

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