The Power of Modeling

I attended many motivational seminars in early-to-mid 2000’s.

During one of the talks, the speaker asked, “Do you know how to become a broke 40-year old engineer?”

He answered his own question, “Go find a 40-year old broke engineer. Ask him how he got to where he is in life. Then, go ahead and do those exact same things. You too will become a 40-year old broke engineer.”

Then he proceeded to ask another question, “Do you know how to become a 40-year old multi-millionaire?”

I think you know the answer to that.

Another speaker said, “The best way to learn anything is to find the #1 person in that field. Ask them how they became #1 and model them.”

Modeling someone else is an amazing way to get started.

Want to become the greatest golfer in the world? Model Tiger Woods.

Want to become the greatest investor in the world? Model Warren Buffett.

Austin Kleon wrote a book a while ago, Steal like an Artist. The premise of a book is, in order to become great in any field of your choice, model someone who is great.

After you successfully model someone else, incorporate your personality into the process. Personalize the process. Ask how can you improvise on it? What can you do to take it further?

The best way to become an incredible artist is to blatantly copy the greatest artists of the past. It gives you great insight into their thought process, their style. Now, take it further and personalize it. You will have created your own unique masterpieces.

To become an incredible writer, find the greatest authors you admire and write out their books, word to word. As you keep writing, you will model their writing style. When you write your own stories, you will find that style spilling into your own writings as well.

Want to be great at sales? Find the greatest sales person you know, and model them. As you become better yourself, inject your own personality and customize the process to better suit you.

Modeling, I have found is a powerful tool and by far the fastest route to success in any field of endeavor.

Another way of thinking about modeling is … standing on the shoulders of giants and going further.


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