The Gap between Knowing & Doing


We just finished three quarters of the year. As we step into the fourth quarter, I believe it’s time for assessment of our New Year’s Resolution we made back in January.

If surveys are to be believed, most common resolutions are losing weight and making money. Not just that, but the same people pursue the same exact goals year after year.

Why is that? Don’t we all know how to lose weight? The four-word weight loss secret has been circling its way around the world for decades now – Move more, eat less. Granted, there are certain intricacies to moving and eating, which we need to be mindful of. But still, it’s very much possible.

Yet, we can’t seem to achieve this seemingly elusive goal. We know what do to, but we just can’t get ourselves to do it. Is that it?

Hey listen, I am right smack in middle of this weight loss thing. Last week at my last physical, I was asked to lose about 10-15 pounds as well. I know what to do, but I don’t do it consistently.

There is definitely a gap between knowing and doing.

But, how do we bridge the gap?

How do we get ourselves to do what’s necessary in order to get what we desire?

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