The Bridge between Knowing & Doing


The bridge exists, but in parts. But you already know that.

Having the courage to act is a part of it.

The ability to persist through obstacles and challenges is a part of it.

Developing discipline to stay on course makes up part of the bridge.

Admitting you don’t know it all and seeking outside knowledge, guidance and mentorship is a part of it.

The biggest part though, is simply doing it, taking action.

As I said yesterday, my doctor’s asked me to lose some weight.

So, I’ve started the journey. I got on the bridge.

I do 150 crunches everyday. It takes me a while to do it. I have to take several breaks in between. But, all of that is irrelevant. Important thing is I just do it.

Here’s a quote I heard a long time ago that helped me.

You don’t have to be great to start. But you have to start in order to be great.

Starting the journey, taking action regardless of how minuscule, is by far the biggest part of the bridge.

You may not see the entire bridge at the beginning. There’s fog, twists, turns and other objects blocking your view.

But you see the next step. And, that’s the only thing that matters.

Believe that when you take that step, the step after that will become visible to you.

The bridge exists. You have to believe it, and then bring it to realization … one step at a time.

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