I wrote this on August 4, 2021.

Measured in moments,
weighed in memories,
you choose if it’s an asset, or a liability.

A fleeting commodity,
like a roll of toilet paper,
longer you use, faster it rolls.

Dash on your tombstone is what it is,
Joys, sorrows and memories are part of it.

It is uncertain. It is abrupt.
But you make the best of what you got.

You can choose to use it,
you can choose to lose it.
What you cannot do is create it, or nurture it.

Use it wisely, and your aspirations, dreams and hopes come true.
Be unwise and unruly about it, and you’ll lose it all surely.

Time … it’s yours to claim.
It’s yours to conquer.
Take action fiercely.

Be bold. Be courageous.
Above all, turn that dash into a legacy.