October 2018 – We had a wild snowstorm. We lost power for 4-days. House became cold, and thus inhabitable, so we had to spend the nights in hotels. I wrote this soon after the power came back.

Oh power, dear power
My heart longed for you
Tears rolled down my cheeks
The very second I lost you.

Heat, internet and water left too
Bathrooms became unusable
Children turned inconsolable
Life as I know it, came to a standstill.

What have I done to deserve this wrath?
Have I not paid my dues on time?
Have I not loved and cherished you?
Still you run away with the storm … every … single … time.

I called National Grid over a hundred times
Only to be falsely assured of your return every time
I feel scared, lonely and angry
What if only this time, you never return?

I solemnly promise to be eternally grateful
Now and forever, I do.
All I want is for you to come home
And brighten my sad dim night, I do.

Alas, here I am seeking comfort
With your mistress, The Generator
Oh power, dear power
Oh, how I miss you.