I wrote this on June 6, 2019.

Two ends, one bridge.
At right, I stand.
Dreams on the other end.

Fear not, they say
Just cross over and get it.
Not easy when the heart sways.

Dreams, they are bountiful
Thoughts, they are plentiful
Fear, it’s powerful

Seeding doubts.
Planting excuses.
Growing distance.

A step forward and a step back.
Two more and then back.
Oh dear god, It’s not that bad.

Grip tightening
Heart heaving
Feet marching

Plan, it’s working
Fear, it’s dissipating
Bridge, its shortening

Bridge crossed.
Dreams conquered.
Victory achieved.

Action in the right direction
Kills, defeats and annihilates
Excuses and procrastination … again and again.