I wrote this poetry on August 3, 2022.

So, here’s the thing about life, it shall pass.

Whether you live … or not, it shall pass.

For it’s a fleeting commodity.

It’s erroneous to confuse living with existence.

Living is spending your days on your own terms.

Existence is spending your days on other people’s terms.

Every morning, you choose.

Choose to live? Or, choose to exist?

Existence is automatic. Living requires conscious choice.

And choose to live you must.

For if you don’t you submit to existence.

Don’t delay the choice to tomorrow.

For tomorrow may not exist.

Today, it’s ours, it’s present.

Life shall pass regardless of your choice.

And when you don’t … gone forever shall be your will to live.

For life is what but a fleeting commodity, a fleeting commodity.