Poetry # 4: The Demise of Power

A quick note: Winters can be harsh, especially when you live in a New England. Last winter, we lost power for 5-full days due to a storm. It was frustrating to say the least. This poem was born out of that frustration.

Oh power, dear power
My heart longed for you
Tears rolled down my cheeks
The very second I lost you.

Heat, internet and water left too
Bathrooms became unusable
Children turned inconsolable
Life as I know it, came to a standstill

What have I done to deserve this wrath?
Have I not paid my dues on time?
Have I not loved and cherished you?
Still you run away with the storm … every … single … time

I called National Grid over a hundred times
Only to be falsely assured of your return every time
I feel scared, lonely and angry
What if only this time, you never return?

I solemnly promise to be eternally grateful
Now and forever, I do.
All I want is for you to come home
And brighten my sad dim night, I do.

Alas here I am, seeking comfort
With your mistress, The Generator
Oh power, dear power
Oh, how I miss you.

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