Poetry # 1: Ladder

Crown’s atop Bottom’s somber Each step an action Dictated by decision Check you compass Correct your course Regardless of what’s going on Keep on keeping on

The Four Stages of Learning

The four stages of learning are: Mimicking Understanding Personalizing Improving Let’s say you want to improve your flexibility. But you don’t know how. So, how do you start? Mimicking others you want to learn from You enroll in a yoga studio, and begin mimicking your instructor’s moves. You don’t necessarily understand why they are doing certain moves, but you do your best and follow. Understanding the meaning behind the actions

The Power of Modeling

I attended many motivational seminars in early-to-mid 2000’s. During one of the talks, the speaker asked, “Do you know how to become a broke 40-year old engineer?” He answered his own question, “Go find a 40-year old broke engineer. Ask him how he got to where he is in life. Then, go ahead and do those exact same things. You too will become a 40-year old broke engineer.” Then he

A Blissfully Dissatisfied Life

I was listening to The Empire Podcast Show recently. The episode featured David Meltzer. He mentioned two words that perked my ears. He described his life as “Blissfully Dissatisfied”. I thought, this is genius. It ought to be a way of life. Let me explain. I am constantly pursuing something or the other. I don’t stay still. These days, I am working towards building my physical endurance. I want to

Thoughts On Progress

When it comes to progress, direction matters more than speed. As long as you are moving in the right direction, you will continue making progress. It may not be at the speed you desire, but you will make progress nonetheless. This is tricky, because by default we tend to focus on speed rather than direction. It’s human nature. The focus on direction requires conscious effort. Rest assured, at some point