The Power of Pivot

Everyone wants results, in all things. But, it’s not so easy to get results. There are obstacles that come in our way. We work (sometimes incessantly) to find a way overcome these obstacles. But, what if we can’t find a way to overcome these obstacles? The answer lies in one word – Pivot. Pivoting does not mean changing your goal. But rather, finding a different way of reaching your goal.

Poetry # 4: The Demise of Power

A quick note: Winters can be harsh, especially when you live in a New England. Last winter, we lost power for 5-full days due to a storm. It was frustrating to say the least. This poem was born out of that frustration. Oh power, dear power My heart longed for you Tears rolled down my cheeks The very second I lost you. Heat, internet and water left too Bathrooms became

Poetry # 3: The Beauty and The Beast

A quick note: This poem is written from my wife’s perspective. Enjoy! The night was beautiful Moon was full It was oh so peaceful AND THEN IT BEGAN! The uproar the anger the frustration Not a clatter not a clamor not a racket. The deafening silence the dreaded noise forming a rhythm boiling the blood. Wasn’t a dog howling nor a cat meowing not the bear growling or a donkey

Poetry # 2: The Bridge

Two ends, one bridge. At right, I stand. Dreams on the other end. Fear not, they say Just cross over and get it. Not easy when the heart sways. Goods, they are bountiful Thoughts, they are plentiful Fear, it’s powerful Seeding doubts. Planting excuses. Growing distance. A step forward and a step back. Two more and then back. Oh dear god, It’s not that bad. Grip tightening Heart heaving Feet

Poetry # 1: Ladder

Crown’s atop Bottom’s somber Each step an action Dictated by decision Check you compass Correct your course Regardless of what’s going on Keep on keeping on