We all need a compass of values, the ones we set for ourselves, not because they look good to others, but because we believe in them wholeheartedly, and then we need to let that compass guide our actions in life.

Warren Buffett has a term for it – Inner Scorecard.

Problems arise when we do things to conform to other people’s expectations of us. That’s dumb living. Also, a source of great many of our problems.

Rather, why not act, live, and conform to only those standards that we set for ourselves. If we believe something should not be done, let’s not do it. Vice versa, if we believe something should be done, avoid it at all costs. It’s not going to be easy. There may be a lot of opposition. So what? When all is said and done, we’ll be proud because we lived up to our own standards, not to those dictated by others.

It takes courage to go against the tide, to dance to one’s own rhythm. It’s going to be hard, but we’ll figure it out.

For, that is the only way to truly live. It leads to a satisfied life. Rest is all a show, perception manipulation, for the sake of ego and status to impress others.

I’m still working on this myself, and I’m years away from where I would like to be. If you understand this post, and decide to implement the idea, start small and go easy on yourself. The transformation can take years, maybe decades. No need to beat ourselves up. Change takes time. Recognize that. The important thing is the direction of our movement. Speed comes later.

Yeah, I know this post got a little heavy, but those are today’s thoughts.

It’s something to meditate on, and work on it for a long time.