Ingredients of Success

Accidental successes are rare. Most of the success we see around us is engineered success. There is a recipe for success. And like any good recipe, if you follow it, you will achieve the desired results.

I believe there are five main ingredients of success. They are:

  • Direction
  • Work Ethic
  • Routine
  • Focus
  • Results

Direction is moving towards or away from your goal.

Work Ethic is enthusiastically willing to work hard and long.

Routine is following a predetermined work schedule.

Focus is intense concentration on the work you’re doing.

Results need to be produced, for they solely determine success.

While there are plenty of other sauces and spices you can add to enhance the flavors, the list above I believe are the main ingredients in the recipe of success.

When you feel you’re stuck, and getting nowhere, simply ask … which of these five ingredients are missing, or I can add more of?

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