How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance

I recently came across an article by Amber Rae (Creator of The World We Want) titled, “How to Schedule your Day for Peak Creative Performance.

This post is inspired by Amber’s article.

In the article, Amber talks about dividing your day in four sections – Work, Play, Fit and Push.

Work and Fit are pretty self-explanatory. Play involves where you detach yourself completely from your work and focus on something you enjoy outside of work such as taking a hike in the woods or reading poetry, or bird watching. Push is about self-growth, learning something new or challenging yourself to do something you’re afraid to do.

Amber also has some additional tips I thought were quite useful such as batching similar activities on same day as well as reserving certain days for certain activities. I encourage you to read her post to gain full benefit of her thoughts.

My thoughts on her article

Sleep Section

As I was reading her Work, Play, Fit, Push sections, I thought of adding one more section – Sleep or Rest. This way, I could build a full 24-hour schedule as opposed to just waking hours.

Downloadable Excel 24-Hour Schedule

Additionally, I also created an Excel worksheet to help me Map my Day into these five categories.

You can download it here for Free. (NO email address required. How’s that for a change?)

Note: It’s color coded for each section. So, anytime you type in Work, Play, Fit, Push or Sleep, the background will automatically change to the set color.

And, if my excel sheet does not float your boat, try something incredibly cool. Acuity Scheduling

Not only can you block off your own personal time, but now your clients can schedule meetings with you without you ever going back and forth trying to sync calendars. This is a god-send for people who do consulting.

It’s a tool that will blow your mind (or bowl you over … whatever you prefer).

One last thought

Amber talks about identifying your “Top 3” (three most important things you will accomplish) for your day. This is important and will keep your priorities straight.

I suggest, you look at this list four times a day – Morning, Lunch, Evening (when you leave work) and at Night (before going to bed).

I would also try and attack these as early as I can in the day. This will not only give me ample time to accomplish them, but additionally it will free up the rest of my day for “urgent” work that always seems to show up.


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