How to go far!

You can have the talent, you can have the resources, you can have the support system, but if you don’t have the drive, a deep burning desire to become the absolute best in your field, #1 in whatever it is that you’re trying to do, be it arts, sports, business, anything at all, you won’t go very far.

In order to go far, you need to have a deep burning desire. It’s the #1 thing you need. If you don’t have that, nothing else matters.

Next, you need the discipline to show up and do the work. Without discipline, your deep burning desire will never materialize into reality.

Third, you need to give 100% effort every time you show up. Your 100% may look different every day, but you give 100% every time you show up. No exceptions. Cutting corners is cheating yourself out of success.

Fourth, ask yourself … what can I improve? In order to improve you need to make changes in how you do things, how you think about things. These changes don’t have to be monumental. Little changes can often produce big results.

Lastly, don’t bounce around from change to change seeking instant results. Give time for results to produce. Once you identify something you can change, work that change like your life depends on it.

That, my friend is … how you go far.

You start slow. You don’t give up. You put your blinders on. You focus on your goal. And, you keep on keeping on.

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