I have 6 people as my heroes so far.

My first two were added to the list early in life. It’s been about 12 years since I added #6.

At first, the only question I asked was, would I want to live my life like this person? My only criterion was, do their values align with mine?

Eventually I added a few more filters … how they lived (simply or lavishly), how they treated others, their thought processes, how others felt around them, and how content they were with life.

Turns out, all 6 of them had a lot of commonalities. First thing I noticed was they were all content with living the most basic life. They were all sharp, long-term thinkers, and other people always felt better about themselves when they were around one of my heroes.

Naturally, I am no where close to being the kind of persons my heroes are. I may never be. And that’s okay. My six heroes are my guiding light, my true north.

So, how do you choose your heroes?