When a flower does not grow, you don’t blame the flower.

I came across a statement today that forced me to stop and think.

When a flower does not grow, you don’t blame the flower.

There are external factors that come in play over which the flower has no control. But the gardener does. It’s his job that he does as my right things as he can to give that flower an opportunity to grow, maybe even an unfair advantage to make sure it blooms to its highest capacity. It is the gardener’s job to ensure the seed is planted in the right environment. It is the gardener’s job to ensure it receives an adequate amount of sunlight and water on a regular basis. Without these things, the flower has no chance.

Parenting is quite like that. Often times our son will do unexpected things, some good, some not so good. It’s our jobs as parents to take control of the situation then. It becomes our job to ensure he’s provided with the right environment and is nurtured and cared for so he can grow and become the best person he can.

The same goes for employees. It’s the bosses job to provide the proper environment, proper training, proper support and guidance. When you see an employee stumble at their job, don’t wait for the annual review to point it out. Help them fix the issue right when you see. It’ll only help them, you and the company progress.

The same holds true for any relationships. The relationship is the delicate flower and the two people at it’s each end are its gardeners. It’s their job to nurture the relationship so it grows and blossoms overtime. When not taken care of, the relationship falls apart.

It’s really funny how sometimes you hear a sentence and all these thoughts run through your mind. Sometimes it clears your thinking and other times, it leaves you with more unanswered questions. The statement I shared at the beginning of the post has helped me think differently and helped me grow.

Have you ever read or heard anything that has resonated with you and changed your thinking? I’d love if you would share it with me. Just drop me a line at mayurgudka@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.


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