Ernest Hemingway’s Techniques to Eliminate Writer’s Block

It was very simple, yet very effective.

When he got to high point in his story line, when he was writing something really interesting, he would stop writing mid-way through it, preferably mid-way through a sentence.

While this seems counterproductive, it was brilliant. This ensured he never faced writer’s block. Because the next day when he started writing, he could begin right where he left off, completing that sentence, finishing that scene.

Another technique I believe he used was re-writing what he wrote the previous day before adding to it.

This not only served as a revision, but it allowed him to continue his train of thought.

At the end of each week, he would read everything he wrote during the week, and make any additional changes needed.

He also revised his work far too often that most other writers do.

I found these techniques to be very helpful. Hope you do too.

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