Decision Funnel

Don’t you wish there was decision funnel through which you could run every task on your to-do-list and throw away the unimportant? Well, now there is.

Several months ago, I heard a fellow named Rory Vaden on a podcast. He was promoting his book Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time. The title piqued my interest because until that day, all I had ever heard was how procrastination was bad and evil.

Rory’s point was, there are certain things that have a domino effect in life. It’s true with money, habits and time.

If one wants to truly multiply their time, they need to procrastinate on all things that don’t create more time tomorrow. Instead, one should focus all of their energies on activities that will produce more time in the future.

In the same podcast, he laid out a funnel to identify these tasks and procrastinate the rest. Today, I want to share that funnel with you.

Decision Funnel

Every single time you come across a task, run it through the following questions.

  1. Can this task be eliminated?
    1. If yes, do not waste time on the task
    2. If no, move to question no. 2
  2. Can this task be automated?
    1. If yes, mark it as “To Be Automated” and proceed to question no. 3
    2. If no, move to question no. 3
  3. Can this be delegated?
    1. If yes, give it to someone who can get it done
    2. If not, move to question no. 4
  4. How significant is this task in larger scheme of things?
    1. If very significant, then ask … does it have to be done urgently?
      1. If yes, do it now
      2. If not, make it part of your to-do-list
    2. If the task is not very significant in larger scheme of things … put it back in line to be processed into the funnel (Maybe things will change and this task might get eliminated)

I found this decision funnel to be immensely valuable.

I hope you feel the same.


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