The curse of knowledge accumulation

Yes, knowledge is great. But knowledge accumulation can be a threat.

But when you gather too much knowledge without implementing what you already know, you get stuck into a phase I call “knowledge accumulation”.

It slowly creeps up on you. And once you get stuck here, it becomes an addiction too difficult to get out of. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty.

I call this phase, “knowledge constipation.”

You get stuck with hundreds of bookmarked articles to read later, hundreds of eBooks waiting to be read, hundreds of podcasts waiting to be heard. And while you are trying to catch up with this, you come across more knowledge you want to consume. The cycle quickly becomes a tornado you cannot get out of.

It’s just too overwhelming.

The trick to stay from being the “knowledge constipation” phase is to apply what you already know and start using it.

This phase can rightly be called “knowledge implementation”.

Learn some. Apply some. Learn some. Apply some. Learn some more. Apply some more.

Knowledge is like muscle. If you don’t put it to use, it becomes stale and eventually useless.

When you start applying your knowledge, you quickly find out the usefulness of that piece of knowledge.

Not only it helps you discern the good from the bad, it also helps you identify the good sources of knowledge vs. the bad sources.

Implementation of knowledge has too many benefits.

This of it this way. You learn a new word. But you never use it. What’s the point of learning the word then, or a language, or a skill, or a software?

Every body has one or more million dollar ideas. The only ones to be real millionaires are the ones who take action and implement their idea.

Implementation – It’s what separates achievers from wannabes.

Break the curse of knowledge accumulation.

Realize your dreams.

I believe in you. Do you believe in yourself?

If I can do it, you can too.


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