Choosing Quality over Quantity


Do we focus on quality, or do we focus on quantity? It’s a conundrum for marketer, exercise enthusiasts and many others.

If you’re doing push-ups, quality definitely trumps quantity. Doing 10 push-ups with good form will benefit you far more than doing 20 push-ups with bad form.

Once you master the push-up and pump out quality push-ups without having to think about them at each rep, go for quantity.

When creating content, I advocate for quality. The lifespan of content is determined by its quality, not its quantity. It is far better to create a single piece of high quality content per week, than 10 mediocre pieces of content. You will not only work less, but the content will create generate tremendous value for you and your readers.

We know this though, don’t we?

Yet, what do we continue to do?

We tend to push quantity over quality.

Have you heard the following “secrets” to online marketing success? – Write three to five blog posts each week. Or, post at least twice a day on social media.

In reality, this “advice” is not helpful, but rather harmful. It does not add value, steals time, and even affects our search engine rankings.

Despite that, we religiously follow it, without challenging it.


Because it makes us feel productive.

Writing one blog post a week, or a month, does not feel like we do enough. It feels like slacking. And if the boss found out, our livelihood could be in jeopardy.

So, what do marketers do? They publish … mediocre content, often.

Let’s make one thing clear. Being busy does not always translate into being productive. You may sit in a rocking chair and move as fast you want. It does not matter. You’re not going anywhere.

Mark Twain once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

Quality work requires patience, immense effort and ruthless editing.

A photographer who shoots beautiful pictures does not do it in a single take. If one does, it’s often a fluke. He takes hundreds or even thousands of pictures, and then gets rid of 99% of them. The ones he keeps wins him accolades.

Can you imagine watching a movie where they only retained the first take of each scene they shoot? Would you want to go watch it?

If you own a blog, try this.

Write a single blog post. Now spend remainder of the week editing it. Come back to it every day and ponder upon it. What can you add? what can you take away?

The result will be a complete transformation at the end of the week. A beautiful piece of content that your readers will be eager to share with their circle of influence. Quality gets recommended. Quantity does not.

At the end, isn’t that what we want? Our content, our work to take a life-form of itself and make a difference?

That only happens when we obsess over quality, and free ourselves of quantity mindset.

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