The 2020 election is called historic. Anytime a president is elected, it’s a historic moment. This election did have the largest number of voter turnout in the United States. According to Bloomberg, at least 161 million Americans voted in the 2020 election, the largest number of voters in a U.S. presidential election in history.

Most people these days align themselves with the “party” rather than understand what each candidate stands for. I don’t like that. Neither do I align myself with a party. For, I perceive that to be the stupidest thing to do – vote for somebody just because they are a candidate of a certain party. Stupidest thing ever.

I voted for democrats as well as republicans this past election, and every other election.

The natural question you may ask is, how do I choose who to vote for?

I have five distinct criteria. Equal weight of 20 points is assigned to each criterion, totaling to 100 points. They are:

  • Is the candidate qualified?
  • Is the candidate experienced?
  • How do my personal values align with the candidate’s values?
  • How would I rate the candidate’s character?
  • How would I rate the candidate’s integrity?

I didn’t always have these criteria. I built them over time. I only had the first two in 2008, added the third in 2012, and added the last two in 2016. I assume they will be modified in the future, as I grow as an individual myself.

Here’s a fun statistic: Every presidential candidate I have voted for since 2008 has lost the election. The only exception is 2020. Joe Biden won the election.

The only power I have is the power to vote when it comes to Politics. Beyond that, I don’t concern myself with who won, who lost, what happens next, etc. All that is irrelevant. I simply go about my business until the next election cycle.

When it arrives, I do my research on each candidate, rate them using the criteria above, and put my vote in. And then again, I forget all about it.

Point is … focus on the things you can control. Don’t concern yourself with the things you don’t have any control over.

When Donald Trump was elected president, many people became angry and violent. They held protests of all kinds – violent and non-violent. I do not understand how protesting helps. One day, I might. But, as of today, I don’t.

Anyways, what I really want to know is … how do you decide who to vote for?