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How do you choose your heroes?

I have 6 people as my heroes so far.

My first two were added to the list early in life. It’s been about 12 years since I added #6.

At first, the only question I asked was, would I want to live my life like this person? My only criterion was, do their values align with mine?

Eventually I added a few more filters … how they lived (simply or lavishly), how they treated others, their thought processes, how others felt around them, and how content they were with life.

Turns out, all 6 of them had a lot of commonalities. First thing I noticed was they were all content with living the most basic life. They were all sharp, long-term thinkers, and other people always felt better about themselves when they were around one of my heroes.

Naturally, I am no where close to being the kind of persons my heroes are. I may never be. And that’s okay. My six heroes are my guiding light, my true north.

So, how do you choose your heroes?

Some Thoughts on Advocacy

Hiring an advocate who will stand up for your loves ones when they cannot is an amazing thing you can do for your loved ones.

For those among us who are financially blessed, this is a good option. You voice your concerns to your advocate, and the advocate will ensure quality services are provided in a timely and appropriate manner.

However, not everyone is equally blessed financially. So, not everyone can afford to hire an advocate.

One thing that we all have is our voice.

Using our voice requires courage.

Courage can be difficult to muster often when most needed.

Using courage has two requirements – you cannot be timid, and you should be okay if someone dislikes you for standing up.

This usually isn’t a problem for people who have the knowledge and information to back up their beliefs, their concerns.

Knowledge helps build courage.

Become knowledgeable and use your voice to get the outcomes you need.

Knowing your rights and knowing how and when to exercise them is one of the most powerful things you can do when advocating for your loved ones.

The “Should Will Am Did” Cycle

I should be doing it.

I will do it.

I am doing it.

I did it.

Let’s read it again.

I should be doing it … is Awareness

I will do it … is Intention

I am doing it … is Action

I did it … is Accomplishment

Four Stages of Everything

These apply to brushing your teeth on the morning.

These apply to going through a certification audit at work.

These apply to getting married.

These apply to switching jobs or careers.

These apply to building a business.

These apply to literally everything … writing a book, creating music, taking a stroll down the road, anything.

Journeys between the stages

Distance between each stage is a journey.

In my experience, traveling from “Should” to “Will” is not that big of a journey.

Traveling from “Will” to “Am” takes a long time. This is all about mental preparedness. If one is not mentally prepared to take this journey, this journey will never happen. The cycle is stuck at the corner of “Will” and “Am”.

Traveling from “Am” to “Did” is about persistence, consistency, intelligence and hard work. For a few lucky ones, this is a breeze. For the rest of us, it takes longer.

The beginning part of this journey is usually an uphill, without the upcoming downhill in sight. The terrain is rocky, and weather can be unpredictable. Yet, once you get through the initial bumps, the clouds move aside, and the ride becomes pleasant and fulfilling.

That’s when you get to the “Did” stage.

The “Did” stage is also a Decision stage. Do you stay and bask in your glory, or do you venture onto another journey?

I think this idea has the potential to turn into a book. Still mulling over it.


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