Cages and Elevators

Some things for you to ponder upon.

The job we spend 250 days a year at … is that a cage or an elevator?

Family & friends we hang out with … are they cages holding us back, or elevators taking us to new heights?

Books and blogs we read … cages or elevators?

The decision we make about watching TV or running a mile … cage or elevator?

The foods we eat … are they keeping us overweight or adding energy and longevity to our lives?

Both, cages and elevators are tiny in size, enclosed with walls, and possess the ability to make you claustrophobic.

They are so similar yet so vastly different.

While cages turn us into prisoners, elevators take us to new heights, add depth to our thinking, help us grow in ways we never imagined.

People, places, books, situations, thoughts, actions … all of these have the ability to come cages and elevators.

The good thing is, we get to choose.

Our choice can turn things into cages, and our choice can turn things into elevators.

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