Actions Matter

Actions Matter is a new book I am working on. I expect it to release sometime in 2020.

Here’s the introduction of the book.

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We’ve all been told the hare and turtle story as children. It’s a classic.

Hare and turtle decide to race one fine day.

Hare sleeps along the way.

Turtle keeps chugging along.

Hare wakes up too late.

Turtle wins the race.

The lesson we are taught is slow and steady wins the race. And then the lesson is repeated to us throughout our life.

I have two questions for you.

Number one. Have you ever been told any or all of the following?

  • Take your time to do things.
  • It’s better to do it slow and do it right.
  • Doing it fast will only mess you up.
  • Slow and steady child, slow … and steady.

You probably answered yes to all of the above.

My second question to you is … How many times have you been told this?

That’s right. We aren’t taught this just once. We are taught over and over and over again. Good lord, it’s ingrained in us.

As we grow up, we’re taught to save … slowly and steadily. So, we can become millionaires by the time we retire.

I can’t help but think of this as a mysterious game. Will I become a millionaire first, or will I become a senior citizen first? I can’t wait to find out. The suspense literally kills many retirees. They’re worried sick – Will I ever have enough to retire?

Going slow and steady for the long-term is a recipe for mediocrity.

Many of you may balk at this statement. But, it’s the truth.

Those with enough courage and conviction to change their own lives and the lives of others, often don’t go slow and steady. Instead, they focus on two things. Moving in the right direction and moving as fast as possible.

That really is the gist of the book. The remainder of this book focuses on ideas, principles and disciplines you need to evaluate your direction and your speed. The book also contains tools and resources to help you identify the right direction and move faster in that direction.

Master motivator Zig Ziglar said there are four levels in life.

  1. Level one is Survival.
  2. Level two is Stability.
  3. Level three is Success.
  4. And lastly, level four is Significance.

In pure monetary terms, level one is your month lasting longer than your paycheck. Level two is living paycheck to paycheck with barely any other money for nicer things. Level three is comfort stage where you are living a nice life and have a stable financial cushion should something go wrong. Level four is not only where you have a nice life, but you’re improving the lives of others.

You have one life. O-N-E, one. If you spend all your time going slow and steady, you may or may not get to a level of significance, or maybe even success. But, if you get on the right track at a good speed, you just may get to a level of significance.

Some of you reading this may already be doing a world of good, in your home, in your community, etc. I commend you for that. If those are your aspirations and you’ve achieved them, then good for you. If not, now is the time to take action. Because in all honesty, Actions Matter!

The ball is in your court now.

Are you going to close this book and go back to doing everything slow and steady, because it’s so comfortable?

Or, are you going to break the shackles of comfort, continue reading and open the doors to a whole new life?

This my friend, is decision time. The choice is yours. What are you going to do?